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Welcome to Pathway's, located in a separate wing of Joel Curry's residence in Applegate, CA. Artist Joy Curry applied her intuitive eye to the decoration of the rooms, which are hung with original art from Joy and Stephen Chandler.

Entry hall

The "Sun Room." Paintings and decor by Joy Curry and Stephen Chandler

The "Green Room." Paintings and decor by Joy Curry and Stephen Chandler.

Pathways own massage oil, Sombra pain relief gel, elk antler capsules, and lotion are available for sale.

Megan and Bernadette in the reception area, adorned with Joy Curry artwork.

Joy Curry began working as a massage therapist at Pathways in 1990. Massage therapy and art were her passion for many years. Come to Pathways and experience the energy of massage and art, and the positive well-being of body and spirit that they encourage.

Thanks for a great 25 years at the Auburn location



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